Carlsbad Watersports Video Preview

Water Sports Provide Family Fun in the Sun

Have you ever participated in water sports? Fishing alone is one of the oldest water sports in the world, providing the opportunity to relax, de-stress, and enjoy the soothing sounds of nature. Meanwhile, jet skiing is one of the most popular water sports, especially for those really willing to indulge their need for speed. Be it for competition's sake or just for personal enjoyment, Carlsbad's resort seaside location offers its fair share of water sports entertainment.

Try Some Carlsbad Boogie Boarding

A seaside resort nestled against the consistently gorgeous Aqua Hedonia Lagoon, Carlsbad is filled with nothing but the finest of opportunities to engage in family-friendly water activities. It's a beautiful place to visit with promising locations for boogie boarding, fishing and other water sports. Friendly and dynamic businesses are within steps of the beach, which is open to the public. Regular events on the weekends continually attract people to the “Village by the Sea.” Carlsbad offers everything you could possibly want or need for a fun day at the beach and in the water.

Rent jet skis, kayaks, paddle boards, wakeboards, peddle boats and more at Carlsbad Lagoon on Harrison Street, Carlsbad Surf School on Highland Drive, Off Shore Surf Shop on Carlsbad Boulevard, and more. And if you're already a serious wave guru and need primo equipment, drive down to Wakesports in San Diego. In addition to that, they offer unique services such as surfing lessons for visitors of all skill levels. With some assistance, you might even pick up a new trick or two!

Something Fishy Going On Here

Just north of Buena Vista Lagoon, right along the bridge resides Pacific Coast Bait and Tackle. Not only do they offer tips and assistance to beginners, but they also specialize in pole repairs. With a staff that enjoys fishing as well, they can also help guide you on which bait works for what fish and advice on the best times and locations to have a successful fishing trip.

It's safe to say a visit around such a friendly community would result in a wonderful vacation - one that can appeal to the entire family. Relax and sharing a bonding moment over fishing or getting a real adrenaline rush on the water. This is definitely the place to spend the summer. For more vacation info and a complete city guide on Carlsbad, visit

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