About Carlsbad

When you need to get a real taste of the Southern California coast, Carlsbad is the perfect destination to do so. This city has everything from ocean and beach front sports and activities, outdoor adventures and parks to museums and community festivals that everyone can enjoy. Once you've gotten started, you'll never want to leave this luxurious oceanfront town. There is always something buzzing, so whether you are in town in the summer or winter, you and your family will love the fun and relaxing atmosphere here.

Beauty to Behold

The beaches here are truly a beauty to behold and with fine sand, waves, and the sun, who wouldn't love a day at the beach? There are a many public beaches available, but if you're looking for an area less crowded or that has easier access, the hotels including the Beach Terrace Inn make for a pleasant stay and have designated beaches specifically for its guests. If you want to venture out to a more exotic and scenic beach, places like Terramar Beach come with a view of painted cliffs on the shoreline and afford a little more seclusion ... and there's nothing in the world like The Flower Fields.

There are quite a few educational and exciting tourism hot spots here, but one that you might particularly like is the Gemological Institute of America-it rocks! This landmark diamond and jewelry center offers tours to glimpse some of the rarest gemstones, including the famous Tower of Brilliance-the world’s largest crystal octahedron. Other places you might like are the Leo Carrillo Ranch and Historic Park, The Magee House, and the Miniature Engineering Craftsmanship Museum. Many of the exhibits in these museums are interactive.

Walking Spaces, Shopping, Oceanfront Dining

There are lots of boutique shops and bookstores located in the downtown area where shoppers can buy gifts and antiques. There are also chain stores and malls with outdoor walking spaces and charming cobblestone street surrounds. Want to know more about this amazing beachfront town? Visit www.carlsbad.com for a list of shops, oceanfront restaurants, attractions, local businesses, fun events and more!

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