Arts and Cultural Offerings

Are you a tourist looking for an exotic experience or a resident of Carlsbad, California tired of missing out and looking for some exciting things to do in your hometown? We’ve got all the listings of events, art, culture, entertainment and annual festivals held in the city. Carlsbad has a rich history and an even more diverse people. The city is a prosperous seaside resort that occupies a seven mile stretch of the Pacific coastline within the San Diego County and is host to an average of 263 sunny days per year. It is no surprise that it has quickly become a top tourist destination, attracting millions of visitors per year for its weather and many arts and cultural events.

The Sculpture Garden Exhibit is a recent installation located at 2955 E. Elmwood St., just north of Carlsbad’s Georgina Cole Library. Admission is free and open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Art exhibitions rotate every 6 to 12 months.

Arts & Culture Events

Art and culture have always been an integral part of the community. The Cultural Arts Office has sought to create links between artists, cultural organization, visitors, businesses and residents to sustain and grow a thriving, varied, creative and artistic city. The City of Carlsbad hosts the Food for Thought event which is a celebration of Food in Art held from early September to early November. The event features more than 40 group exhibitions. Art Splash is a community event that celebrates arts education. Also, a free nonprofit event is held every year in the fall in support of arts education endeavors in the community.

Carlsbad Special Events

The Parks and Recreation Department also schedules special events for the public’s recreation and pleasure. In September, the city holds the Leo Carrillo Film Festival, Family Movie Night and National Public Lands Day. Throughout the year until December they are special events held each month. Make sure to come back and visit for the latest in cultural and arts events in Carlsbad.

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